Released in March 1993, "Suede" was the fastest-selling debut album ever in the UK. 

Available on vinyl for the first time in the US, the album contains what Rolling Stone called "its triptych of instantly classic singles" - "The Drowners", "Metal Mickey" and "Animal Nitrate". 

At the time, the album's release in the US was hampered by an injunction from an existing US act called Suede. As a result, the band's subsequent album releases in the US were 'branded' as being by "The London Suede", but the first album was never re-branded.

Suede - Suede

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  • 1. So Young
    2. Animal Nitrate
    3. She's Not Dead
    4. Moving 
    5. Pantomime Horse 
    6. The Drowners 
    7. Sleeping Pills 
    8. Breakdown
    9. Metal Mickey
    10. Animal Lover 
    11. The Next Life