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The fourth LP from Sunstack Jones is formed from sprawling jams during soundchecks and rehearsals, lyrics and harmonies worked out during long van journeys whilst on tour with us alt-rock stalwarts Buffalo Tom. The result is a record that is more than the sum of its parts; five friends as a collective, playing in a room, together.

In order to capture this vibe effectively, the band decided to record live at factory studios, standing in a circle facing each other was key. You can hear it in every note of the album; no mixing out creaks and coughs, with just the right amount of bleed. Recorded beautifully by Simon Jones (The Verve), the final mixes from long-time collaborator Paul Den Heyer sound exactly like the band envisaged, a moment in time captured like a sonic photograph.

'Nowhere Near an Ocean' started as an enveloping riff thrown out on the fly, the band easing into a groove and crashing into simultaneous changes on the day in the studio. It was quickly committed to tape in a couple of takes with improvised lyrics and instinctive harmonies. Proof that the first idea is often the best idea. 'Where You Gonna Go' is the first Sunstack Jones track to feature a three-part harmony, devised on a long drive to holland for a festival performance and introducing a new dynamic to the band.


Mai 68 say:

Sunstack Jones – ‘Glass Boat’

We never set out to release albums. Never thought we would get that far but when Chrisy from the band presented us with the album, we knew immediately we had to release it. It’s an immaculate collection of West Coast Psych dusted with shoegaze and dreampop. Reaction has been mind blowing with 4 star reviews in Mojo and support from the legendry Steve Lamacq. This is a real highlight track with a really cool video and we cannot wait to hear it live.


Sunstack Jones - Golden Repair

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  • 1. Where You Gonna Go
    2. how it all went down
    3. Shouldabin
    4. Nowhere Near An Ocean
    5. Glass Boat
    6. Wintersong
    7. golden repair
    8. Distill
    9. Seams
    10. Almost Hear The City

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