Heathen Chemistry, released July 1st 2002 is the fifth studio album from Oasis and includes the anthemic singles The Hindu Times, Stop Crying Your Heart Out, Little By Little, and the beautifully written Songbird.


Oasis Heathen Chemistry Limited Edition Deluxe Heavy Weight Vinyl 2LP Set.

Oasis - Heathen Chemistry

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  • 1. The Hindu Times,  
    2. Force Of Nature,  
    3. Hung In A Bad Place,  
    4. Stop Crying Your Heart Out,  
    5. Songbird,  
    6. Little By Little,  
    7. A Quick Peep,  
    8. (Probably) In My Mind,  
    9. She Is Love,  
    10. Born On A Different Cloud,  
    11. Better Man