The Masterplan is a selection of Oasis B-Sides that never made it to an official studio album. Initially only intended for release in Japan and US, it was given a full UK releas on November 2nd 1998 and reached #4 in the Official UK top 40 album chart and #2 globally, showing the global popularity of the band at the very height of the Britpop era.

Oasis - The Masterplan

  • 1. Acquiesce
    2. Underneath The Sky
    3. Talk Tonight
    4. Going Nowhere
    5. Fade Away
    6. The Swamp Song
    7. I Am The Walrus (Live)
    8. Listen Up
    9. Rockin' Chair
    10. Half The World Away
    11. (It's Good) To Be Free
    12. Stay Young
    13. Headshrinker
    14. The Masterplan