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On the completion of the recording of The Fool, Andrew Weatherall was given access to the album's master tapes to work on mixes for the finished record. The track Baby, along with Warpaint's iconic single Undertow, were both mixed by the Guv'nor and appeared on the finished album that was released in 2010.


For the first time ever, this Record Store Day edition brings together all the mixes Weatherall created while working on the project, including a never released before, finished version of Jubilee. ìI remember that one of the main reasons why we wanted Andrew Weatherall to mix the Warpaint album was because we loved his brilliant work on the Primal Scream remix of Higher Than The Sun.

Warpaint - The Fool: Andrew Weatherall Sessions

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  • Side A


    2. Undertow

    3. Bees 


    Side B

    1. Jubilee

    2. Shadows 


    Side C

    1. Majesty

    2. Baby 


    Side D

    1. Composure

    2. Lissies Heart Murmur

    3. Set Your Arms Down

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