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Applestump Records was born out of a lifelong love for music. The name of the shop is a nod to the record store where I first indulged my passion back in the '90s, spending hours browsing racks and racks of records and CDs in a small town in South Wales.

The team behind the shop are me, Steve, my wife Danielle, Ben (employee number 001), and our Head of HR, Bez the dog. Opening a record shop is the realisation of a dream I've had for years. We don't just want Applestump Records to be a shop where you just buy records, we want it to be the place you come to talk about all of the new artists you've discovered, where you find that new favourite album you didn't know you needed and, above all, be a massive part of the Nantwich community that we love.

Thank you for all your support, it means such a lot to independent retailers like us.

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