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Erased Tapes founder and sonic explorer Robert Raths stitched together a project putting what is most important at the forefront — connection. This collection of works by undisclosed artists from the roster gives space and time to appreciate art at its most honest. By shedding the information noise usually attached to release cycles and by bringing music back to the magic of sound, Erased Tapes presented with an opportunity for exploration when we need it most.

Various Artists - Erased Tapes 20

SKU: 3700551784196
  • A1. Nils Frahm - No Step On Wing (from Nils Frahm - Empty)

    A2. Ben Lukas Boysen - Medela (from Ben Lukas Boysen - Mirage)


    B1. Bell Orchestre - Colour Fields (from Bell Orchestre - House Music)

    B2. Rival Consoles - Still Here (from Rival Consoles - Articulation)

    B3. Qasim Naqvi - Matic (from Qasim Naqvi - Beta)


    C1. Peter Broderick - Let It Go (from Peter Broderick - Blackberry)

    C2. Douglas Dare - Dance Me to the End of Love (from Douglas Dare - Milkteeth)**


    D1. Masayoshi Fujita - Gaia (from Masayoshi Fujita - Bird Ambience)

    D2. [most likely a performance by Hatis Noit of her track Inori at the Elevate Festival, Graz in 2020]

    D3. David Allred - Poet Tree (Solo Piano) (from David Allred - Felt The Transition)

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