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Released in the UK on 21 June 1993, 'A Storm In Heaven' was a modest UK hit (No. 27 in the album chart) but over the past two decades has come to be regarded as something of a psychedelic classic. Drenched in echo and reverb it is highly atmospheric, extremely nuanced and, for many long-term fans, remains the band's 'lost' masterpiece.


For a debut it was as adventurous and audacious as they come - with Richard Ashcroft's semi-hallucinatory lyrics of hope, love, isolation and insanity reflecting the burgeoning mood of a generation.


Sourced from digital files prepared from the original half-inch tapes. Remastered by Chris Potter & Tony Cousins at Metropolis and Sabian at Fullsound. The vinyl lacquers were cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy and the records were pressed by Optimal Media.

The Verve - A Storm In Heaven

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  • 1. Star Sail
    2. Slide Away
    3. Already There
    4. Beautiful Mind
    5. The Sun, The Sea
    6. Virtual World
    7. Make It 'Til Monday
    8. Blue
    9. Butterfly
    10. See You In The Next One (Have A Good Time)

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