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The band's 2004 self-titled debut album, back on vinyl for the first time in over twelve years, this time on limited edition Pink Transparent vinyl.


This album is where it all began for the Wakefield trio. Recorded almost twenty years ago at the legendary Toe-Rag studios, and produced in part by US underground musician Bobby Conn, 'The Cribs’ took the band from DIY heroes to wider public acclaim, thanks to the album's “supreme pop melodies” (NME) and cult hits such as ‘Another Number’ and ‘You Were Always The One’.

The Cribs - The Cribs

SKU: 5400863066550
  • Side 1

    1. The Watch Trick

    2. You Were Always The One

    3. The Lights Went Out

    4. You and I

    5. Things You Should Be Knowing

    6. Another Number


    Side 2

    7. What About Me

    8. Learning How To Fight

    9. Tri'elle

    10. Baby Don't Sweat

    11. Direction

    12. Third Outing

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