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Classic debut LP from '77. Every track is a punk anthem – sub 3 minute, 3-chord blasts of adrenalin fuelled fury.


The foot is down hard on the accelerator from the opening "She's in love with rock'n'roll woah...." But where the Sex Pistols “Never Mind The Bollocks” was all about the punk rock ethos of snarling attitude and not being able to play their instruments, The Clash had songs and melody, to go with the attitude.


The songs are anthemic, but not in a ‘lighter’s in the air’ way, they’re charged with a nervy, vital energy that’s helped them stand the test of time. They sound as relevant today as they did (almost) 40 years ago!

The Clash - The Clash

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  • Side 1
    1. Janie Jones
    2. Remote Control
    3. I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.
    4. White Riot
    5. Hate & War
    6. What's My Name
    7. Deny
    8. London's Burning

    Side 2
    1. Career Opportunities
    2. Cheat
    3. Protex Blue
    4. Police & Thieves
    5. 48 Hours
    6. Garageland

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