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On the bands 30th Anniversary of their breakout album Shake Your Money Maker they recorded the entire tour and chose the performances that would show off the best of the tour. This is the end result.

The Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker (Live)

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  • 1. Twice as Hard (Live)

    2. Jealous Again (Live)

    3. Sister Luck (Live)

    4. Could I've Been so Blind (Live)

    5. Seeing Things (Live)

    6. Hard to Handle (Live)

    7. Thick n Thin (Live)

    8. She Talks to Angels (Live)

    9. Struttin Blues (Live)

    10. Stare It Cold (Live)

    11. No Speak No Slave (Live)

    12. Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Live)

    13. Soul Singing (Live)

    14. Wiser Time (Live)

    15. Thorn in My Pride (Live)

    16. Sting Me (Live)

    17. Remedy (Live)

    18. It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (Live)

    19. Rock & Roll (Live)

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