Swans' classic album 'White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity' (1991) now re-mastered and reissued as a deluxe vinyl edition with an exclusive poster and digital download code. The Swans transition away from their industrial experimentation into a realm of music that can never be given a genre. Elements of folk, doom and rock cascade around each other with metaphysical lyrics delivered with Michael Gira's sepulcheraural vocals. Dark, light, beauty and bliss ascend.

Swans - White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity

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  • A1. Better Than You
    A2. Power And Sacrifice
    A3. You Know Nothing

    B1. Song For Dead Time
    B2. Will We Survive
    B3. Love Will Save You

    C1. Failure
    C2. Song For The Sun
    C3. Miracle Of Love

    D1. Blind
    D2. When She Breathes
    D3. Why Are We Alive?
    D4. The Most Unfortunate Lie