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‘From the Beginning’ was released by Decca on 2 June 1967, following the band’s departure to Immediate and three weeks before the release of ‘Small Faces’, the authorised self-titled Immediate debut LP.


Remaining part one of a two-part Small Faces bonanza during that month, ‘From The Beginning’ provided a summation of the previous, action-packed 12 months. Considered the rogue in the Small Faces’ catalogue, it’s clearly of the loveable variety with some great material and performances.

Small Faces - From The Beginning

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  • A1. Runaway
    A2. My Mind's Eye
    A3. Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
    A4. That Man
    A5. My Way Of Giving
    A6. Hey Girl
    A7. Tell Me Have You Ever Seen Me


    B1. Come Back And Take This Hurt Off Me
    B2. All Or Nothing
    B3. Baby Don't Do It
    B4. Plum Nellie
    B5. Sha La La La Lee
    B6. You Really Got A Hold On Me
    B7. What'cha Gonna Do About It

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