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Memories Of The Future' draws lyrical inspiration from Louisa Roach (aka She Drew The Gun)'s own real life experiences whilst the chugged guitars and a laid back percussive tempo glide effortlessly through a chorus of glacial, blues-tinged, soulful, sublime offerings. Self-scrutiny and drunken reflection are just a few of the threads and myriad intertwining themes within 'Memories Of The Future's rich tapestry.

She Drew The Gun - Memories Of Another Future

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  • 1. Where I End And You Begin
    2. Since You Were Not Mine
    3. If You Could See
    4. Chains
    5. Pebbles
    6. What Will You Do
    7. Poem
    8. I Am Not Alone
    9. Be Mine
    10. Pit Pony
    11. Or So I Thought
    12. You
    13. Sing
    14. No Hole In My Head

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