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Directed by Just Jaeckin, the creator of Emmanuelle, starring Françoise Fabian, Madame Claude is inspired by the fictionalized memories of Fernande Grudet, the sulphurous instigator of the most famous luxury prostitution network in Pompidolian France. 

The totally disco-funk Original soundtrack of this film released on screens in 1977 from Serge Gainsbourg is sublimated by the immense arranger- Jean-Pierre Sabar". Without forgetting the generic song of Madame Claude “Yesterday, Yes a Day” interpreted by Jane Birkin. 

Serge Gainsbourg - B.O.F Madame Claude

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  • A1. Diapositivisme

    A2. Discophoteque

    A3. Mi Corasong

    A4. Ketchup In The Night

    A5. Fish-Eye Blues

    A6. Teleobjectivism

    A7. Putain Que Ma Joie Demeure

    A8. Burnt Island


    B1. Yesterday, Yes A Day

    B2. Dusty Lane

    B3. First Class Ticket

    B4. Long Focal Rock

    B5. Arabysance

    B6. Passage A Tabacco

    B7. Yesterday On Fender

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