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For the first time on vinyl! One of Alternative Rock’s/Nu Metal’s most beloved bands, they are still busy touring the most reputable live stages of the world. One of the few artists of their era to cross over into mainstream while creating irresistible hits that stand the proof of time. This Best Of collection from 2010 covers Papa Roach’s most prolific phase and their first six studio albums.

Papa Roach - To Be Loved (The Best Of)

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  • LP1 – Side A

    1. Broken Home

    2. Last Resort

    3. Time And Time Again

    4. She Loves Me Not


    LP1 – Side B

    5. Scars

    6. Getting Away With Murder

    7. Just Go (Never Look Back)

    8. …To Be Loved – Album Version (Explicit)


    LP2 – Side C

    9. Reckless – Album Version (Explicit)

    10. Had Enough – Acoustic

    11. Forever – iTunes Live Session


    LP2 – Side D

    12. Hollywood Whore

    13. Lifeline – Album Version

    14. Scars – Acoustic Version

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