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Local musician Oli Ng’s debut album ‘Everything Is Impossible Until It Happens’ pressed onto Translucent Green Vinyl. Signed copies available, exclusive to Applestump Records.


'It’s six years since Oli Ng won Best EP at the Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire with Into The Dark – and now, his debut album Everything Is Impossible Until It Happens reflects upon his 10-year career so far, documenting the ups and downs through a series of songs and stories.


Oli said: “It was about a year long process from start to finish, but we wanted to take our time and not be set to deadlines. We’ve made the mistake in the past with EPs and singles about setting or announcing a release date, then rushing to meet it and not being 100 per cent happy with the outcome. I didn’t want to do this with this album.”


And much like Oli’s career, Everything Is Impossible Until It Happens takes the listener on a journey of highs and lows, the singer channelling his vulnerabilities into heartfelt lyrics as he documents mental health struggles and navigating relationships.' - The Leopheard


Pressed on limited green vinyl. Signed copies exclusive to Applestump Records.

Oli Ng - Everything Is Impossible Until It Happens (Signed Copies)


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