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Original Black Flag/Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris joins Rocket From the Crypt, Redd Kross and Burning Brides members for a vital blast of classic hardcore. Now signed to Fat Possum Records who are reissuing their first 3 albums.


Format details:

- First time on 12" Vinyl
- Limited Translucent Blue Vinyl
- Gatefold Package
- 4 inserts with lyrics for each EP

Off! - First Four EPs

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  • 1. Black Thoughts 

    2. Darkness

    3. I Don't Belong 

    4. Upside Down 

    5. Poison City 

    6. Now I'm Pissed

    7. Killing Away

    8. Jeffrey Lee Pierce

    9. Panic Attack 

    10. Crawl 

    11. Blast 

    12. Rat Trap

    13. Fuck People 

    14. Full of Shit 

    15. Broken 

    16. Peace In Hermosa

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