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Standing on the Shoulder of Giants was the fourth studio album by the Britpop band, originally released in 2000. It is the 16th fastest selling album in UK chart history, selling over 310,000 copies in it's first week. Standing on the Shoulder of Giants has been certified double platinum by the British Phonographic Industry and has sold around 208,000 copies in the US. 

The album is an effective modern psychedelic record complete with drum loops, samples, electric sitar, mellotron, synthesizers and backward guitars, resulting in an album more experimental with electronica and heavy psychedelic rock influences. Songs such as "Go Let It Out", the Indian-influenced "Who Feels Love?", and the progressive "Gas Panic!" were a departure from the band's earlier style.

Oasis - Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

SKU: 5051961002010
  • 1. Fuckin' in the Bushes
    2. Go Let It Out
    3. Who Feels Love?
    4. Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is
    5. Little James
    6. Gas Panic!
    7. Where Did It All Go Wrong?
    8. Sunday Morning Call
    9. I Can See a Liar
    10. Roll It Over

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