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''Sketches of Spain'' is part of Miles' late 50s / early 60s 'blue' era. This is one of the four albums Miles and Gil Evans (arranger and conductor) made together with a small orchestra of horns and percussion, and it was fueled by Spanish melodies - "El Concierto de Arajuez" by Joaquí­n Rodrigo and "El Amor Brujo" by Manuel de Falla - that fascinated Davis to the point he needed to get into them and go beyond. Imagine "Kind Of Blue" but with a Spanish influence and you'd not be far wrong. Davis and Evans put something together that every single music lover should possess, a sketch of some place he'd never been to. As Miles said, 'It's music, and I like it'.

Miles Davis - Sketches Of Spain

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  • A1. Concierto De Aranjuez
    A2. Will O' The Wisp

    B1. The Pan Piper
    B2. Saeta

    Bonus Tracks:
    B3. Solea
    B4. Song Of Our Country

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