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Newly appointed by The Queen as the UK’s 21st poet laureate; Simon Armitage fronts a brand-new band, with respected musicians/producers; Patrick James Pearson and Richard Walters. Spoken word / poetry led but with beautiful and unique soundscapes from the electronic / post-rock / modern-classical / ambient worlds. An album that gives poetic voice to acts of resistance and surrender. The juxtaposition of beauty and destruction.

LYR - Call In The Crash Team

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  • 1. The First Time

    2. Zodiac T-Shirt

    3. Never Good With Horses

    4. Urban Myth #91

    5. Adam’s Apple

    6. Product Testing

    7. Great Coat

    8. 33 1/3

    9. The National Trust Range of Paints Colour Card

    10. The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

    11. Leaves On The Line

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