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Jesus Jones (Mike Edwards – guitar, vocals; Tony De Borg – guitars; Al Doughty – bass; Gen – drums; and Iain Baker – keyboards, samples) arrived on the scene in 1989 with three charting singles and a charting debut album “Liquidizer”. The band followed this with many more hit singles and the very successful albums “Doubt” (1991), and “Perverse” (1993).


Fourth album “Already” (August 1997) featured the hit singles “The Next Big Thing” and “Chemical #1”, but was the last album by the band until 2001.


Here’s what Iain Baker has to say about this album: “In the mid-90s, Britpop was most definitely in the ascendant. In a musical climate which had now reverted further back towards the 60s, with lad-rock, dad-rock and basically, bad-rock, we resolutely followed our own path. That still meant dance music was our primary influence, and the internal language of techno, drum’n’bass or hardcore defined how we approached our new material.”


Featuring the hit singles “The Next Big Thing” and “Chemical #1”, the album is pressed on 140g translucent vinyl.

Jesus Jones - Already

SKU: 5014797906372
  • Side A

    1. The Next Big Thing
    2. Run On Empty
    3. Look Out Tomorrow
    4. Top Of The World
    5. Rails
    6. Wishing It Away


    Side B

    1. Chemical #1
    2. Motion
    3. They're Out There
    4. For A Moment
    5. Addiction, Obsession & Me
    6. February

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