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A Rothko-esque color field set to music, The Window Is The Dream ventures even deeper into Horn’s inner space than her stark, acclaimed debut Optimism, which earned her an ‘artist to watch’ tag from The Guardian upon its release last year.


For her second record, Horn travelled to upstate New York to record with a few musical touchstones in mind: the electro-primitivism of the Silver Apples, austere rhythm kings This Heat and The Raincoats’ time-bending Odyshape, however the resulting 10 songs are an entry into a world which is very much her own.


“Her voice is just transfixing” - NPR Music

“Horn’s debut album is a skeletal marvel that evokes Yo La Tengo and soft country shuffles” — The Guardian

"Deceptively gentle songs [...] they unfold like melodic dreams" — MOJO

"With the boiled-down quality of a good short story collection, [Optimism] is cryptic, bewildering and daringly simple" — Pitchfork

Jana Horn - The Window Is The Dream

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  • 1. Leaving Him

    2. After All This Time

    3. Days Go By

    4. The Dream

    5. Love In Return

    6. Old Friend

    7. Song For Eve

    8. In Between

    9. Energy Go

    10. The Way It Is

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