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Produced by Rob Cavallo, American Idiot is not only Green Day's most ambitious album to date, but also perhaps one of the most audacious efforts in the history of punk. Centred around two five-part, nine minute epics ("Jesus Of Suburbia" and "Homecoming"), 'American Idiot' is an expansive and intimately crafted concept album, detailing the alienation and disillusionment of the American citizen under Bush's post-War On Terror administration. "Jesus Of Suburbia" sees Green Day crossing genres at will to convey their story, mixing stomping melodic punk with elements of classic American rock, sun-kissed harmonies, a hint of psychedelia and Billie Joe singing plaintively over a lone acoustic. Elsewhere, Green Day's talent for reflective, melancholy sounds is pushed to the forefront with "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" which finds them at their evocative best, and with "Are We The Waiting", possibly the most beautiful song ever to feature an old-school terrace chant. But it's with "When September Ends" that Green Day fully realise their strength at combining the tender with the powerful. The title-track rages with the aggression and infectiousness that typifies the best of the band's prior work, whilst a host of other tracks – including the breakneck punk of "St Jimmy" and the power-pop of "Extraordinary Girl" – remind us exactly why Green Day were so good in the first place.

Green Day - American Idiot

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  • 1. American Idiot

    2. Jesus Of Suburbia

    • Jesus Of Suburbia
    • City Of The Damned
    • I Don't Care
    • Dearly Beloved
    • Tales Of Another Broken Home

    3. Holiday

    4. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

    5. Are We The Waiting

    6. St. Jimmy

    7. Give Me Novacaine

    8. She's A Rebel

    9. Extraordinary Girl

    10. Letterbomb

    11. Wake Me Up When September Ends

    12. Homecoming

    • The Death Of St. Jimmy
    • 12th St.
    • Nobody Likes You
    • Rock And Roll Girlfriend
    • We're Coming Home Again
    • Whatsername

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