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The ninth Eels studio album, Tomorrow Morning, is the brightest and most overtly uplifting work of the Eels' fourteen year career. The final installment of a trilogy that started with 2009's Hombre Lobo' and 2010's End Times (released a half year from each other), Tomorrow Morning finishes the story on a high note.


Unlike either the combustive garage-rock longing of Hombre Lobo or the stripped-down acoustic starkness of End Times, Tomorrow Morning is a new musical landscape: electronic keyboards, drum machines, tape loops and found sounds. "it's a very electronic album - sounds normally associated with a kind of 'colder' music," says Everett, "but i wanted to make a warm album that was a celebration using electronic instruments to reflect joy in the times i live in."


Helping Everett bring the vibrant celebration to life are performances by longtime eels bassist / keyboardist Koool G Murder and drummer / percussionist Knuckles, along with new eels collaborators the amy davies choir and Tomorrow Morning orchestra. It's a bold, experimental and immediate new eels sound. as everett puts it, "there's a lot going on in these songs."

Eels - Tomorrow Morning (2023 Limited Repress)

SKU: 5400863059170
  • Side A

    1. In Gratitude for This Magnificent Day

    2. I'm a Hummingbird

    3. The Morning

    4. Baby Loves Me

    5. Spectacular Girl

    6. What I Have to Offer

    7. This Is Where It Gets Good


    Side B

    1. After the Earthquake

    2. Oh So Lovely

    3. The Man

    4. Looking Up

    5. That's Not Her Way

    6. I Like the Way This Is Going

    7. Mystery of Life

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