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The Bill Ryder-Jones produced debut album from Brooke Bentham Everyday Nothing follows two EPs of music shored up by intense reflection which has earned the 23 year old many admirers and a rapidly growing fanbase. The young singer / songwriter writes sharp and eloquent songs about her experiences as she understands them, using words and music to resolve and record the tensions of young adulthood.


Bill Ryder-Jones who produced the album and also co wrote some of the tracks here, was so impressed with Brooke’s observational lyricism that he said: “I’ve worked with some amazing songwriters in my career.


I think Brooke at 23 is well on her way to being up there with Alex (Turner), Saint Savoir, Mick (Head) and James (Skelly). Her lyric writing will be overlooked because of her voice but it is her words that will set her apart from others.”

Brooke Bentham - Everyday Nothing

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  • A1. With Love
    A2. Perform For You
    A3. High
    A4. Blue Light
    A5. Keep It Near


    B1. All My Friends Are Drunk
    B2. Control
    B3. Without
    B4. Men I Don‘t Know
    B5. Telling Lies
    B6. My Baby Lungs

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