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New Music: English Teacher - This Could Be Texas

The album cover for the debut record from English Teacher, This Could Be Texas

It is a fact that we are currently living in an age where it is harder than it has ever been for musicians and creative types in general. People are not buying as much music as we used to, venues are closing at a frightening rate rate, the costs of touring are increasing, difficulties in accessing certain places in the world, and so many other distractions competing for people's time all combine to make it near impossible for musicians to get their music out there.  Given that 2024 has already given us a treasure trove of debut albums that show people are not prepared to give up despite the challenges the world throws at creative people. We have had debut albums from New Dad, Lime Garden, Sprints, Private Party, Fabiana Palladino, Nia Archives and The K's to name just a few that have left a mark on the world, given us moments to escape and to never give up on the belief that music is one of the most important things that we have.  

We now have another debut album to add to that list. I hate comparisons in music and making it seem like a competition but This Could Be Texas from English Teacher is, in my view, one of the greatest debut albums we have had. It is full of creativity, it is enthralling and although it doesn't come charging out of the blocks at a thousand miles an hour, it is one that will hold your attention, one that will take you on a journey, one that will make you think, one that will inspire and you will not regret spending time in the company of this fantastic album. 

Albatross eases us into the album, this is a gentle soothing song that will instantly make you feel at peace with the world. This song is full of gorgeous strings and piano that allow the song to float along in the most beautiful way possible. The World's Biggest Paving Slab is a passionate, inspiring song about the little person in society who doesn't get noticed, but can achieve great things. If anyone ever tells you that indie music is dead, it certainly isn't. This is indie music in the year 2024 and arguably it has never been better.


We all know how messed up the UK is right now, and we need musicians to be capturing what we are seeing in our towns and cities in songs. Having a permanent record of society in the year 2024 and English Teacher have certainly done that with Broken Biscuits,"Could a river stop its banks from breaking / Blame the council not the rain / No preparation for the breakdown" sums it all up perfectly and could be applied to every part of our public institutions that are now broken. I'm Not Crying, You're Crying is an infectious and mesmerising indie song that is able to make you listen intently to every word you hear whilst wanting to find an indie dance floor and sway along with a load of like minded people.   Mastermind Specialism is a spell binding at times lullaby-esque song that will bring so much peace and joy to the world.  

At this point I will summarise This Could Be Texas by saying that every song on here is a highlight, so for those songs that do not get a mention from here on in it is not because I love you any less it is because I am mindful of the readers time and would rather they get stuck into the album listen to it as a whole then spend too much time reading my words. That said if you are reading my words I am forever grateful.  

The title track is one that will take the listener on a very memorable journey, from the gentle spoken word opening, the colourful twinkling sounds throughout that make the world a better place. The song then takes us on an exciting, explosive ride of sounds that you never want to come to an end. All good things must come to an end and the song brings us back down to earth in a sweet and loving way with heart shattering strings and leaves us ready to do it all again. Not Everybody Gets to Go to Space certainly left a big impact on me when I first heard it. It is a song that captures that it is ok not to achieve all the dreams you may have, we all may have big dreams and that's ok, but not everyone will get to live out these dreams and there is nothing wrong with that. Society needs all types of people, and everyone needs to be valued for what they do "If everyone got to go to space / no one would ever want to clean"

R&B is a very important song on the album, and a very important song which the whole world and music industry needs to listen to and pay attention to. Lily Fontaine is rightfully attacking all of those that make assumptions about the type of music she should be making based on appearances "despite appearances I haven't got the voice for R&B". The grit, gnarliness and passion in this song delivers this message in a way that will hopefully educate and make people change their views.  

Nearly Daffodils is as perfect as pop music gets, the sweet melodies, uplifting rhythms and vocals will make you want to leap out of bed in the morning, feel grateful to be alive and to appreciate all the beauty that this world can give us  "I like to hear the birds sing".  The Best Tears of Your Life is emotionally driven and will leave you hanging on tightly to every word sung and every sound you hear.  

Albert Road is the perfect ending for a perfect album, with musical arrangements that will leave a mark on everyone that hears the song.  As with other moments on the album the lyrics capture growing up in Britain today,"don't take their prejudice to heart / they hate everyone / the world around them never showed how loving could be fun".   Those feelings of being bored as a teenage feature within the lyrics "When we were younger. we would complain /  "Go find something to do" Mum said / But there was not". 

Whatever you have planned to do next with your day, please cancel those plans. Get yourself a copy of This Could Be Texas, devote your time and attention to the album and I promise you will be glad to spend time in the company of this amazing record. English Teacher have certainly made the world a far more interesting place. 

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