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Like Clockwork: Shop The Show 09/04/2024

Like Clockwork on The Cat, every Tuesday 8pm - 10pm

Listened to this week's Like Clockwork show and want to get your hands on something you heard? We know a place!

Each week we'll be posting the playlist from the show and links to anything we have in stock in the shop so you can own that record that you just can't get out of your head.

Missed the show? You can listen again here

Like Clockwork Playlist - 9th April 2024

A Certain Ratio - All Comes Down To This

The Baby Seals - ID'd at Aldi

The Black Keys - On The Game

The Libertines - Night of the Hunter

The Zutons - Creeping on the Dancefloor

Horsebeach - In The Shadow of Her

JET - Sgt. Major

Nick Drake - Road

Nastee Chapel - In Darkness Waits

Maps - When You Leave

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