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The Big Express is the seventh studio album by XTC, originally released in 1984. it was one of XTC's harder-edged albums, in contrast to the pastoral Mummer and Skylarking which were released in sequence with it. The seventh track, 'I Bought Myself a Liarbird' is about their former manager, Ian Reid. Working titles considered for the album were: Coalface, Shaking Skinheads, and Bastard Son of Hard Blue Rayhead.

XTC - The Big Express

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  • 1. Wake Up

    2. All You Pretty Girls

    3. Shake You Donkey Up

    4. Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her

    5. This World Over

    6. The Everyday Story Of Smalltown

    7. I Bought Myself A Liarbird

    8. Reign Of Blows

    9. You're The Wish You Are I Had

    10. I Remember The Sun

    11. Train Running Low On Soul Coal

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