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Flight case style vinyl storage box with front opening panel to let you view and browse your LPs with ease.



A vinyl record holder for up to 35 of your LP’s, including single and double albums. This record storage box is designed to be wide enough to store your LPs even when they are protected by plastic sleeves.



Unlike many other cases, this one has a opening lid and folding front panel. This makes it so much easier to see which records you have inside. These vinyl record storage boxes have a sturdy base and are designed to not topple over when opened!



Protects your vinyls on the move. This solid and durable ‘flight style’ case is perfect to pick up and go. If you take your vinyl with you, or even want to move them from room to room, this case gives ultimate protection and is built to last!



All 12 inch cases take a knock from time to time, especially on the corners. That’s why this LP storage has been designed with strong metal cappings to the vulnerable edges and a strong, yet comfortable handle for carrying.



An understated, yet premium finish, complimented with a fully lined matching interior. This sleek looking case blends easily in both retro and contemporary inspired interiors. The perfect quality retro look to compliment your vinyl collection and your lifestyle.


If you’re looking for a rock solid LP case to store your vinyl and deliver essential protection on the go, this stylish ‘flight’ style record box is just what you need. Its robust construction gives it a heavy weight ‘built to last’ feel, complimented by robust hinges, a strong comfortable handle and metal protectors to the corners to withstand any unexpected knocks. It’s finished in a premium black PU leatherette finish, lending a welcome retro vibe to your collection. Most importantly, you can browse through this vinyl record case with ease, thanks to the unique top opening and front folding design. Unlike some LP storage boxes, you won’t find it toppling over when the vinyl inside leans forward!

Legend Vinyl - Vinyl Storage Case

SKU: 5060572510135

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