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Londoners, Treetop Flyers, return with their eponymous third album, continuing where they left off with their excellent 2016 release Palamino. The decision to make this record self-titled is more than apt, as it is the most confident that Treetop Flyers have sounded in themselves yet, largely following a formula of dreamy, mellow 60s-style melodies interspersed with dashings of psychedelia.

Treetop Flyers - Treetop Flyers

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  • 1. Fleadrops

    2. Sweet Greens & Blues

    3. It’s Hard To Understand

    4. Kooky Clothes

    5. Needle

    6. Astral Plane

    7. Warning Bell

    8. Art Of Deception

    9. I Knew I’d Find You

    10. Door 14

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