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New Heavy Sounds has had its radar pointing at the stars for quite a while now. MWWB (Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard) was our first contact with the dream side of the cosmic. Now we prepare to welcome the second. Hailing from Kansas, They Watch Us From The Moon have landed to present their first magnum opus ‘Cosmic Chronicles: Act 1, The Ascension’ A band with riffs as heavy as Osmium and melodic lead guitar lines (think Gilmour meets Buck Dharma) as strong as spider's silk, it’s a wonder they managed to escape the atmosphere. Perhaps it’s because the sublime vocals of TWUFTM's twin 'Space Angels' Luna Nemesis and Nova 10101001 guide you beautifully through the clouds. In fact their vocals are a total highlight throughout and lift this record far above any genre pigeonholing. TWUFTM are also a band that has a concept behind the groove. Sci-fi space opera, a love for Bowie and Queen, brought to the fore visually, in their mashing of comic book narratives and Funkadelic style alter ego’s. TWUFTM are truly an immersive experience on every level. As to the music … the colossal weight of riffs on this first-contact missive are made so gloriously enjoyable by memorable hooks, honed repetition and and an agile rhythm section that can make each one of their (sometimes 10 minute) stargaze rides feel like an epic odyssey. Fellow space travellers Hawkwind and Pink Floyd, and even Spacemen 3, have been in similar orbits before, but never this heavy. Now, alongside a trajectory charted by Monster Magnet and maintained by The Sword, Ufomammut, White Hills and Witch Mountain .... TWUFTM don't just breathe new life into cosmic tones, they take it to a different level. ‘Cosmic Chronicles: Act 1, The Ascension’ is space opera for Heavy Psych Doommers and Shoegazers alike. This is something new within Heavy Psychedelics, in fact it’s something new anywhere. The epic single 'Return to Earth' last December, following their 'Moon Doom' EP, had the scene talking, and the few album snippets that have been secretly disseminated, has created much anticipation. "A phenomenal blending of doom, psych and spacious rock'n'roll that is as heavy as it is accessible” Desert Psychlist. Cosmic Chronicles contains 5 immense tracks chock full of weight and brimming with melody. ‘On The Fields Of The Moon’ is like fresh oxygen in bright sunlight - chiming lead guitars and angelic twin vocals (almost like Fleetwood Mac … imagine that) melodies draw you in like gravity itself. Complete with a space-bound chorus and a ripping guitar only 250 seconds into our flight. It sets the tone perfectly. 'Space Angel' is literally that. The band's angel’s Luna and Nova are simply mesmerising, weaving through the heaviest of space-kraut riff grooves. With 'MOAB', the mood is darkening. 'Days of destruction, days of disease' - a warning for our times - the pace has slowed, it’s black and doom laden, yet our vocal angels still give us reason for optimism. And there, fellow travellers, we suggest that you take a moment to take in what you’ve just heard, and imbibe whatever is your drug of choice before tackling the final two ten minute space flights. 'Creeper AD' is a psychedelic trip to lose yourself in. Shifting chord progressions, cool guitar breaks and again, those vocal harmonies, entwined and bewitching. 'Return To Earth' does just that, and is pretty much the summation of what we have experienced. An epic, gorgeous space symphony. 

They Watch Us From The Moon - Chronicle: Act 1, The Ascension

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  • 1. On The Fields Of The Moon
    2. Space Angel
    3. Mother Of All Bastards
    4. Creeper A.d.
    5. Return To Earth

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