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This hefty double album from 1987 often sounds more like a compilation than a coherent whole, with musical ideas bouncing frantically back and forth.


Nevertheless, in typical Cure style, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me successfully combines catchy pop with bitter despair. Through 17 immensely sensual songs, Robert Smith is at his most poetic ("strange as angels, dancing in the deepest ocean, twisting in the water, you're just like a dream") and vitriolic ("get your fucking voice out of my head... I never wanted any of this, I wish you were dead"). The joyous pop of Just Like Heaven and The Perfect Girl still delights, and the frisson provided by Shiver And Shake reinforces the physical nature of this collection.

The Cure - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

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  • A1. The Kiss

    A2. Catch

    A3. Torture

    A4. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep


    B1. Why Can't I Be You?

    B2. How Beautiful You Are...

    B3. The Snake Pit

    B4. Hey You !!!


    C1. Just Like Heaven

    C2. All I Want

    C3. Hot Hot Hot !!!

    C4. One More Time

    C5. Like Cockatoos


    D1. Icing Sugar

    D2. The Perfect Girl

    D3. A Thousand Hours

    D4. Shiver And Shake

    D5. Fight

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