Up at the Lake sees the Charlatans returning to the classic songwriting of Tellin' Stories. With upbeat Hammond-soaked tracks such as "Try Again Today", beautiful ballads such as "Dead Love" and emotive, stirring lead vocals from keyboardist Tony Rogers on "Loving You is Easy", this is an album borne of a band that have stood the test of time and proven their worth.

The Charlatans - Up At The Lake

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  • 1. Up At The Lake
    2. Feel The Pressure
    3. As I Watch You In Disbelief
    4. Cry Yourself To Sleep
    5. Bonafide Treasure
    6. High Up Your Tree
    7. Blue For You
    8. I'll Sing A Hymn (You Came To Me)
    9. Loving You Is Easy
    10. Try Again Today
    11. Apples And Oranges
    12. Dead Love