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‘Melting Pot’ is a greatest hits album by The Charlatans, featuring tracks from their time at Beggars Banquet Records between 1990 and 1997.This compilation shows what a great band they were around that time (and still are!) There's not a bad track on here.

The Charlatans - Melting Pot

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  • 1. The Only One I Know
    2. Then
    3. Opportunity Three
    4. Over Rising
    5. Sprotson Green (US Remix)
    6. Weirdo
    7. Theme From Wish Patrol (Chemical Brothers Remix)
    8. Can’t Get Out Of Bed
    9. I Never Want And Easy Life If Me An He Were Ever To Get There
    10. Jesus Hairdo
    11. Crashin’ In
    12. Just Lookin
    13. Here Comes A Soul Saver
    14. Just When You’re Thinking Things Over
    15. One To Another
    16. North Country Boy

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