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Ocean Colour Scene came to be one of the biggest bands in the mid 90’s UK indie/rock scene with the release of their second album that went multi platinum accumulating a large and loyal following.


‘Painting’ is the band’s 2013 album and is released on vinyl for the very first time.


14 tracks pressed on 180g white vinyl with original artwork and printed inner sleeve. Singles include ‘Doodle Book’ and ‘Painting’.

Ocean Colour Scene - Painting

SKU: 5014797906143
  • Side A
    1. We Don’t Look In The Mirror
    2. Painting
    3. Goodbye Old Town
    4. Doodle Book
    5. If God Made Everyone
    6. Weekend
    7. Professor Perplexity


    Side B
    1. George’s Tower
    2. I Don’t Want To Leave England
    3. The Winning Side
    4. Mistaken Identity
    5. The Union
    6. The New Torch Song
    7. Here Comes The Dawning Day

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