Over 1.5m albums sold in the UK and 3 consecutive no 1 albums for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – plus a record breaking 10 consecutive chart-topping studio albums in the UK for Noel.


- Album is a best of celebrating 10 years since the inception of NGHFB

- Contents covers first 3 albums & EPs but will also include new content;

- 2 new studio tracks (will be singles)
- new/unreleased bonus material - acoustic, remixes, instrumentals


- Debut eponymous album released 17th Oct 2011, debuted at no 1 with 122.5k sales and achieved double Platinum status less than 6 months post release
- International Magic DVD release of the 02 Arena gig Feb 2012 certified Gold on shipment -2011-2012 live schedule saw NG HFB visit 32 countries across 6 continents, playing 150 shows over a 15 month period. 406k headline tickets and 1.2m festival tickets sold
- Chasing Yesterday, released 2nd March 2015, no 1 album on release with 89.1k sales and certified Platinum
- 2015-2016 18 month world tour covering 122 shows in 28 countries. Almost 400k headline tickets and 1.25m festival tickets
- Who Built The Moon?’ released on 24th Nov 2017 - no 1 with 77,853 sales (almost 35k sales ahead of no 2), Silver album after only 4 days and certified Gold 2 weeks post release
- Tour covering 59 shows in 17 countries with 245k headline tickets and 550k festival tickets - Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds released a series of 3 multi-genre EP’s over the course of 2019 and 2020
- 2019 saw a host of headline festival dates covering 150k tickets sold across the summer plus tours of the USA and Australia with Smashing Pumpkins and U2 respectively

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Back The Way We Came: Vol. 1

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  • Side 1
    1. Everybody’s On The Run
    2. The Death Of You And Me
    3. AKA ... What A Life!
    4. If I Had A Gun ...
    5. In The Heat Of The Moment


    Side 2
    1. Riverman
    2. Lock All The Doors
    3. The Dying Of The Light
    4. Ballad Of The Mighty I


    Side 3
    1. We're On Our Way Now
    2. Black Star Dancing
    3. Holy Mountain (Remastered)
    4. A Dream Is All I Need To Get By
    5. This Is The Place


    SIDE 4
    1. It's A Beautiful World
    2. Blue Moon Rising
    3. Dead In The Water (Live At RTÉ 2FM Studios, Dublin)
    4. Flying On The Ground