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Previously only available as a Black Friday 2017 release, and now generally available.


After 20 years, Neil Young finally decided to release the sequel to Harvest, his most commercially successful album. Harvest Moon is in some ways a better album, without the orchestral bombast that stifled some of the songs on the first album and boasting a more diverse overall selection of songs. Harvest Moon manages to be sentimental without being sappy, wistful without being nostalgic.


The lovely Unknown Legend, From Hank to Hendrix,and the beautiful Harvest Moon are among Young's best songs.

Neil Young - Harvest Moon

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  • A1. Unknown Legend

    A2. From Hank To Hendrix

    A3. You And Me

    A4. Harvest Moon


    B1. War Of Man

    B2. One Of These Days

    B3. Such A Woman


    C1. Old King

    C2. Dreamin' Man

    C3. Natural Beauty


    D. Etched

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