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Madlib and MF DOOM present an experimental hip-hop tour de force that was beset by internet leaks before completion, and initially abandoned midway by its creators before seeing the light of day in 2004 and becoming a hit. Brimming with unlikely samples (Mothers of Invention, Gentle Giant, Bill Evans, Steve Reich, Egg) and DOOM’s characteristically dazzling and dense rhymes.

Madvillain - Madvillainy

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  • 1. The Illest Villains
    2. Accordion
    3. Meat Grinder
    4. Bistro
    5. Raid feat. MED
    6. America's Most Blunted feat. Quasimoto
    7. Sickfit (Inst.)
    8. Rainbows
    9. Curls
    10. Do Not Fire! (Inst.)
    11. Money Folder
    12. Shadows Of Tomorrow feat. Quas
    13. Operation Livesaver AKA Mint Test
    14. Figaro
    15. Hardcore Hustle feat. Wildchild
    16. Strange Ways
    17. Fancy Clown feat. Viktor Vaughn
    18. Eye feat. Stacy Epps
    19. Supervillain Theme (Inst.)
    20. All Caps
    21. Great Day
    22. Rhinestone Cowboy

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