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Singer, songwriter, novelist, and painter Kathryn Williams releases her new album Night Drives. The collection explores a more filmic sound, with a larger ensemble of instrumentation, particular emphasis on the strings and production from Ed Harcourt.


Journeying from leftfield contemporary pop to soft acoustics, Kathryn Williams uses her latest LP to explore a variety of fresh ideas driven, in part, by a host of collaborators. Kirsty Logan, Oystein Greni, Romeo Stodart, Matt Deighton, Simon Edwards, Yvette Williams, Neill Maccoll, Andy Bruce, Ida Wenoe, Joel Sarakula, Emily Barker and John Alder all have credits on various tracks across Night Drives.

Kathryn Williams - Night Drives

SKU: 05016958100582
  • A1. Human

    A2. Answer in the Dark

    A3. Chime Like A Bell

    A4. Radioactive

    A5. The Me For You

    A6. Moon Karaoke


    B1. Night Drive To The Lake

    B2. Put The Needle On The Record

    B3. Magnets

    B4. The Brightest

    B5. Starry Heavens

    B6. I Am Rich In All That I've Lost

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