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Though you might not know her by name, the chances are you've already heard Leslie Feist sing. As part of the ever-expanding Broken Social Scene family, Feist's voice has graced some of the finest Canadian indie of the last decade. Before that, she was shacked up in Berlin with Peaches, touring The Teaches Of Peaches in 2000 under the adopted moniker, 'Bitch Lap Lap.'


Feist’s third full-length record, released in spring of 2007. It featured three physical singles, most notably the smash hit “1234”, which was featured in an Apple iPod commercial. The album was eventually certified gold in Australia, Austria, France, and the USA, and certified double platinum in Canada.

Feist - The Reminder

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  • A1. So Sorry
    A2. I Feel It All
    A3. My Moon My Man
    A4. The Park
    A5. The Water
    A6. Sealion
    A7. Past In Present

    B1. The Limit To Your Love
    B2. 1234
    B3. Brandy Alexander
    B4. Intuition
    B5. Honey Honey
    B6. How My Heart Behaves

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