East India Youth aka William Doyle delivers his highly anticipated debut long player ‘Total Strife Forever’. It's an ambitious work heralding the arrival of a singular new talent. Doyle is an inventive composer, and not tied to one style of music, bringing a love of minimalist and ambient composition to play alongside traditional song writing.


The album ranges from ambient passages and neo-classical episodes and Detroit techno through to effervescent melodic electronic pop songs, with 'On Heaven How Long' combining both elements as the euphoric chorus dissolves into a driving motorik rhythm. Inspirations along the way included the output of Tim Hecker, Brian Eno, Björk’s ‘Homogenic’ and Arvo Pärt.

East India Youth - Total Strife Forever

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  • 1. Glitter Recession
    2. Total Strife Forever I
    3. Dripping Down
    4. Hinterland
    5. Heaven, How Long
    6. Total Strife Forever II
    7. Looking For Someone
    8. Midnight Koto
    9. Total Strife Forever III
    10. Song For A Granular Piano
    11. Total Strife Forever IV