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To celebrate the 21st anniversary of their debut release, Blur’s fourth album The Great Escape has now been remastered from the original tapes by Frank Arkwright (The Smiths, Arcade Fire, New Order, Joy Division), with the remastering overseen by legendary original producer, Stephen Street.

Expanded across two discs, the LP format of The Great Escape remaster is cut on heavyweight 180 gram, audiophile vinyl and housed in a replica of the original sleeve artwork.

Blur - The Great Escape

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  • A1. Stereotypes
    A2. Country House
    A3. Best Days

    B1. Charmless Man
    B2. Fade Away
    B3. Top Man
    B4. The Universal

    C1. Mr Robinson's Quango
    C2. He Thought Of Cars
    C3. It Could Be You
    C4. Ernold Same

    D1. Globe Alone
    D2. Dan Abnormal
    D3. Entertain Me
    D4. Yuko And Hiro

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