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Artifacts began humbly as a means of compiling a few early Beirut EPs for a proper physical release. However, as Zach Condon explains in album’s excellent liner notes, reconnecting with old recordings through fresh ears turned a simple re-issue project into something much more expansive. “When the decision came to re-release this collection, I found myself digging through hard drives looking for something extra to add to the compilation. What started as a few extra unreleased tracks from my formative recording years quickly grew into an entire extra records-worth of music from my past, and a larger project of remixing and remastering everything I found for good measure.”

Artifacts is a phylogenetic tree. A double-LP’s worth music that traces the evolution of Beirut from a 14-year old Condon’s first attempts at bringing the music he heard in his mind to life, to the fully formed Beirut we know today.

Beirut - Artifacts

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  • Side A
    1. Elephant Gun
    2. My Family's Role In The World Revolution
    3. Scenic World
    4. The Long Island Sound
    5. Carousels
    6. Transatantique
    7. O Leãozinho


    Side B
    8. Autumn Tall Tales
    9. Fyodor Dormant
    10. Poisoning Claude
    11. Bercy
    12. Your Sails
    13. Irrlichter


    Side C
    14. Sicily
    15. Now I'm Gone
    16. Napoleon On The Bellerophon
    17. Interior Of A Dutch House
    18. Fountains And Tramways
    19. Hot Air Balloon


    Side D
    20. Fisher Island Sound
    21. So Slowly
    22. Die Treue Zum Ursprung
    23. The Crossing
    24. Zagora
    25. Le Phare Du Cap Bon
    26. Babylon

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