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Beck's 14th album feels like an amalgamation of previous albums, given a light dusting of pop sheen, thanks to the production of Pharrell Williams amongst others. 

It's largely set at a fairly slow pace, with nods to the folk tinged melancholy of ‘Sea Change’ or ‘Morning Phase’, some lovely slo-mo synth-soaked pop and occasional upbeat moments: "Saw Lightning" harks back to his "Loser" days and is as upbeat and catchy as anything he's ever done. 

On ‘Hyperspace’, he's hit the sweet spot between his adventurous, experimental past and the more accessible 'pop' leanings of his recent releases.

Beck - Hyperspace

SKU: 602577692451
  • 1. Hyperlife
    2. Uneventful Days
    3. Saw Lightning
    4. Die Waiting
    5. Chemical
    6. See Through
    7. Hyperspace
    8. Stratosphere
    9. Dark Places
    10. Star
    11. Everlasting Nothing

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