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National Album Day 2022

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

National Album Day will return on Saturday 15th October and this year will take as its theme Debut Albums, following themes set in previous years including Women in Music and the 80s.

Now in its 5th year, National Album Day aims to shine a light on the art form of the album, celebrating the creativity and artistry that goes into making an album.

The Debut Albums theme will look to showcase a broad range of first album releases across multiple genres and decades – from debut recordings that have gone on to become classics to those that are perhaps only now being fully appreciated or which, years later, merit reappraisal.

What to expect from National Album Day.

In a similar vein to Record Store Day (RSD), there will be a host of limited edition exclusive vinyl releases that fall under the theme of Debut Albums. However, unlike RSD there will be the opportunity to preorder these titles in advance, thereby (in theory) removing the necessity of people queuing overnight in a bid to bag one.

The list of exclusive titles will be announced, at as yet an unspecified time, on Monday 12th September and online preorders can be made immediately after this. We will have already added all available titles to our website beforehand and will therefore be ready to go as soon as we're given the green light; so keep an eye on our social media channels or sign up to our mailing list so as not to miss the boat.

What to expect from Applestump Records.

We will have all available titles listed on our website ready for preorder as soon as the announcement is made on Monday 12th September. This is by far the best way to guarantee any titles you simply must have! No reservations outside of this will be taken.

It is highly likely that we will not be physically stocking every release, but all titles will be listed for preorder and these will of course be ordered to fulfil, and there will be a large selection available in store.

On the day itself, Saturday 15th October, we will be opening at 9am and in a similar way to Record Store Day, all NAD stock will be grouped together and we will be operating a first come, first served policy.

Where to find out more.

Keep up to date on all things National Album Day by:

  • Visiting our dedicated NAD webpage here...

  • Following us on Facebook here...

  • Following us on Instagram here...

  • Following us on Twitter here...

  • Visiting the National Album Day website here...

In addition to all this, we will be keeping this blog updated between now and the day itself with product information, availability and details of any date changes / cancellations. You are very, very welcome!


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