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Marking 20 years since the genre-defining release of 'Illmatic' which sparked decades of inspiration for other young rappers and performers, comes this anniversary edition on vinyl.


Nas' lyrical style and storytelling finesse coupled with some of the best beat makers and producers in the game, including Large Professor, DJ Premier and Q-Tip have ensured this release has maintained its influential status 20 years later.


The album launched a lengthy, successful career for Nas with Illmatic still widely applauded as one of the most influential debuts in the world of rap.

Nas – Illmatic XX

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  • 40 Side North

    1. The Genesis

    2. N.Y. State Of Mind

    3. Life's A Bitch

    4. The World Is Yours

    5. Halftime


    41st Side South

    1. Lane (Sittin' In Da Park)

    2. One Love

    3. One Time 4 Your Mind

    4. Represent

    5. It Ain't Hard To Tell

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