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Kate Tempest's 2014 album 'Everybody Down' earned her a Mercury nomination, and that is just one accomplishment notched up by this serial high-achiever. Performing live at the age of 16 saw her securing gigs opening for John Cooper Clarke and Billy Bragg among others.


Add a Ted Hughes award for her writing and a nod from the Poetry Society, and it all becomes pretty impressive. 'Let them Eat Chaos' is a long poem, written for performance.

Kae Tempest - Let Them Eat Chaos

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  • 1. Picture A Vacuum

    2. Lionmouth Door Knocker

    3. Ketamine For Breakfast

    4. Europe Is Lost

    5. We Die

    6. Whoops

    7. Brews

    8. Don't Fall In

    9. Pictures On A Screen

    10. Perfect Coffee

    11. Grubby

    12. Breaks

    13. Tunnel Vision

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