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Faten Kanaan's fifth LP Afterpoem is a mysterious, smudgy, bittersweet, and uniquely playful album. Deeply melodic, it continues her poignant exploration of counterpoint as a narrative tool.


From the repetitive structures of modern minimalism and early music / baroque influences - to more languid textural ebbs and tides, there's a warmth in her use of electronic instruments that gives the album a curiously timeless feel. Composing intuitively, her music has often been described as 'strange', mostly because it creates its own world- one that isn't easily categorised.


The album's title refers to the haze of a poem's intended meaning being abstractly fleeting and barely graspable. Glistening threads of understanding still touch us - the poetry becoming intimately personal, and no further literal explanation is needed.


"I find pleasure in music as a language that nudges and hints. There's a potential that lives in things left unsaid... meanings drifting in and out of focus... hovering like spirits.  It's a romantic and earnest album... of yearning for lost places and people, while still looking out at the world with tenderness and humour".

Faten Kanaan – Afterpoem

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  • Side A

    A1. Fin Août, Début Septembre

    A2. Trenchcoat

    A3. Ard Diar

    A4. Ebla

    A5. Florin Court

    A6. Snowing

    A7. Domari's Lamp


    Side B

    B1. Votive

    B2. La Smorfia

    B3. Castling

    B4. Falconers

    B5. Cascando

    B6. Storm Signal

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