Ennio the Little Brother is a lyricist and producer from North Wales. He blends dream-pop and hip hop to make a soulful sound of his very own. 'Goodbye Magnolia Stump' is an LP of warm, jazz-flecked guitar loops and wistful lyrics. BBC 6Music's Cerys Matthews and Tom Robinson are both fans. On Mai 68 Records.

Ennio The Little Brother - Goodbye, Magnolia Stump

  • 1. Moon Friend
    2. Strawberry
    3. Hi
    4. O-
    5. Anthony
    6. Wanna Talk?
    7. Bunk Beds
    8. Joy
    9. Talcum Powder
    10. Dungarees
    11. Goodbye, Magnolia Stump
    12. A Breeze Hill Dream